Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tyler's Bowling Party

So finally party day arrived!! Tyler was thrilled to go bowling with his friends and family. We met up at the Incline Station in Duluth. Grandma Bonnie and Aunt Carol even came from Madison. We were sad the Olson's couldn't make it..but excited for Uncle Mark's basketball team making it to the playoffs. They lost in double OT and we listened to it on the internet radio.
After bowling, Tyler opened presents, we ate pizza and cake then bowled a little more. It was a great afternoon! Here's a few photos of his special day!

Kayden, Tyler and Austin
I love this the air! (Great Job Libby! Thanks for taking pics for me!)

Make a wish!!

Today the sun is finally shining! A perfect way to start Spring Break and end his birthday week! Thanks again to everyone who made Tyler's week so special. We are blessed to have such awesome loving people in our lives!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Tyler!

Oh my! Where does the time go? It's hard to believe Tyler is already six! It seems like since the 1st of February we have a birthday almost every week. He was pretty excited this morning. I surprised him with his birthday poster. This year he is having a Mario Party. We are going bowling on Saturday with his cousins and a few friends. He is really getting into Star Wars though. We sat and watched the Empire Strikes Back this weekend. I was amazed at how interested he was in the different ships..and Master Yoda!

Not sure when Dad will be home tonight so let him open his presents. He was thrilled to get the Musical Star Wars card. He was checking it out while shopping for cards for Mason and Isak.

Tyler was very nice and let his little sister help open presents with him. I was pretty proud he did it so willingly. He got a couple of new T-shirts, some legos and books. I found a copy of one we had gotten from the library called Chimps don't wear Glasses. It was one of the 1st books that he read on his own.