Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

I promise I am going to start sharing some scrapbook layouts and cards.. But I really haven't had much time to get anything done! I had to share our fun night out! It was a bit chilly but not too bad! The kids (and adults) had a blast!

Here's our Mario Kart group... Toad (me), Diddy Kong (Mason), Princess Peach (Sydney), Brick (Leesa), Mario (Tyler), the mummy (Zak), Super Mario (Chad), Luigi (Brandon) and the final Lap guy (Bree). I know the mummy really isn't Mario Brothers..but there was no arguing with him! LOL!
Princess Peach is ready to race with Belle!! Ellen was so sweet looking!
Tyler didn't like his mustache, he thought it smelled we used makeup to draw one on... He had a blast zipping around the yard in his Mario car for a bit. ... probably the last spin of the there will be snow on the ground soon!
Super Mario!
Mom was wonderful and passed out candy at our house. By 7 o'clock our kids were pretty tired and had quite the full buckets so we came home. They had fun passing out candy for another half hour. Now they are zoning on the couch watching Nick Jr..ready to crash!
Hope everyone else had a fun and safe Halloween! We're looking forward to tomorrow's border battle... Packer Vs Viking football game and Ellen's birthday party.
Enjoy the extra hour of sleep!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving- "Isgusting"

Last weekend we went to Nordic Ridge Pumpkin Patch in Bovey, MN. It was a gorgeous day! I'm so greatful we went considering the miserable wet weather we are having this weekend. The kids enjoyed showing Gramma the animals in the petting zoo, and the Huge Barn slide. We even went through part of the corn maze until Sydney announced she had to go potty. Figures!
Last night we thought we'd carve the pumpkins we'd picked out.

Tyler and Sydney were not impressed once Chad got the tops off the pumpkins and told them to scoop out the seeds and all. YUCK!! Sydney just kept proclaiming "THIS is Isgusting!". I was almost waiting for Tyler to start gagging..thankfully he didnt'.I helped clean out the insides so Chad could do the carving. Here's Chad's pumpkin.