Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Allisyn!

Allisyn Carol Friedrich (Alli or Pippy) joined our family Sunday evening  a few weeks early.  I suspected after Tuesdays dr. appt that she wouldn't wait until my scheduled C-section on Sept. 15th.   First of all my doctor was heading on vacation...secondly I really did NOT want to miss Sydney's first day of school and lastly I was suppose to work Labor Day weekend.  Now I don't gamble much but when the water retention started towards the end of the week I figured...things were moving along!  Friday night I slept through the night and after enjoying a little breakfast, I went back to bed and napped for another 3 hours!!  Crazy!
   Sunday morning I was up around  4 with contractions...that increased ... Finally, called St. Luke's who told me to stop in and they'd see how things were progressing... We told Tyler and Sydney that we were running an errand incase they sent us home.  Hooked up to monitors around 230..of course contractions stopped! grr!  45 Minutes later Dr. Goltz stopped by and said contractions were steady..and if they continued they'd do the c-section today.. yay!!  Watching the monitor was like a game as the contractions got closer together and stronger!    So after weeks/months of waiting I had a c-section and heard "Tyler is getting his own room"  All that waiting and "It's a GIRL!" LOL!  Allisyn Carol was born at 559 pm Sunday afternoon...and we all fell in love with the 5lb little peanut!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ready for Kindergarten!!

 Visits to the dentist and doctor's office...check!  Forms filled out and signed and ready for kindergarten!  Sydney was amazing at the dentist's office.. so cooperative!  Of course the cool sunglasses help!  No cavities and she does a great job brushing!  Next stop the doctor's office.  Daddy was able to come with! (thank goodness!)  She weighs over 40lbs and is over 40 inches tall!  She passed the exam and then the dreaded shots.  I opted not to take any pictures of that drama.. sadly she was not happy with them or the finger poke.  But after the clean bill of health, some new stickers for her collection she left the office..


Sydney's friend party

To help celebrate Sydney's 5th birthday..we invited some of Sydney's friends to come and play at Twin Ports Gymnastics.  Everyone had a blast running..and jumping..and jumping!! Some of the big kids even took a turn jumping to the foam pit! Sydney was so excited to introduce her neighborhood pals to her daycare pals.  Even Maddie from 4-K who she hadn't seen all summer was able to join us! Libby and Caitlyn came with to help out and play!  Thank you everyone for making Sydney's birthday so special!

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

Hard to believe Sydney celebrated her 5th Birthday!  We had the family over for cake and ice cream! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Final Countdown!


With just over 6 weeks to go...the summer has flown by.. the hot nights seem to drag on forever!! But I keeping trying to take advantage of any energy and days off to get a few more things accomplished..like updating the blog, cleaning up my camera with photos and back to school shopping!! We've also pretty much finished up the nursery and dugout neutral sleepers from the clothes bins. Still on the list.. narrowing down names if Baby Friedrich is a girl. Chad insists we don't need a girl name because it's a boy! LOL! The envelope has NOT been opened so I wouldn't be so sure! But if he is really a she we'll be adding some flowers and butterflies to the room. Here's a few other additions to the room.

Going home outfit..complete with a blanket that I made.... Gramma finished and a matching hat from Leah!