Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Party Fun!

It was a HOT day here in Superior. We celebrated Sydney's 4th Birthday Sunday afternoon. The frosting was melting off the cake! I vote to move the party to an indoor location next summer with some A/C. Although she was treated like a princess by everyone, this year's theme was Minnie Mouse. Honestly, not sure why she picked it..she rarely watches Mickey Mouse anymore..but regardless the mouse ears were adorable!

Sydney and Ellen

Sydney and her wrapping paper assistant Karter who kindly took paper and tissue from us while she opened the gifts!

Always so silly!!

Make a wish!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Ready for daycare..special treat frozen go-gurts for her friends!! yummy! Afterwards we went to Perkins for dinner..for pancakes..Although when it was time for her order..she decided to stick with a cheeseburger and fries! That night Tyler and Daddy went to the Huskies baseball game. We went up to the mall with Auntie B, Zak, and Libby for some shopping and Sydney's birthday gift from Auntie B. at the pretty store (Claire's). Mom forgot her camera! (What??) so there's a couple of photos from the camera phone.


Her eyes swelled up just a bit and then she giggled "That didn't hurt!" What a brave girl! Mom and Auntie B. had some dust in their eyes and needed to wipe away some tears.. LOL!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cirrus Family Picnic

Another beautiful day in the Northland.. thanks to the wind.. Otherwise I think it would have been a bit toasty. I was able to get the day off and take the kids up to Cirrus with Chad to the family picnic. Tyler was mesmorized as we walked through the hangar seeing all the planes being put together in different stages. The Thunderbirds were actually parked on the Cirrus ramp so we got a great view.. They also used some of the offices..Tyler pointed when he read the signs. I love how this boy is reading!

Sydney and Ellen!

Yup she fell asleep during the show.. But it wasn't long into the Thunderbirds performance when a jet sneaked up from behind us and woke her up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Garden Update

One lonely strawberry..which some thief stole promptly the day after this photo was taken.. Sure hope it was tastey!

Pumpkins and lettuce

Broccoli and bean

The rest of the pumpkins.. The seem to be ready to take over the backyard! Look out Cinderella!

Pattison Park

We've continued to take advantage of some gorgeous weather and days off together. Seems like most of the house projects have taken the sideline this summer.. And it's been sooooo much fun! Last week we spent the afternoon at Pattison Park. The kids splashed and played in the sand for hours. I loved soaking up a little sunshine too! We took a walk down to the falls afterwards where I sadly managed to wipe out and crash my knee.. It wasn't pretty.. and still isn't. I haven't have a scunned knee in years! Later in the week, Tyler and Isak would attempt to match me with battle wound knees.. Oh the band-aids we go through! LOL!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fun

We've definitely kept busy with our days off this summer! It's been alot of fun! Here's a quick glance at some of our adventures!

Little Heidi and her great smiles! Such a happy baby! The girls had fun playing one morning while Chad and Tyler went to Uncle Mark's basketball camp.

A trip to Madison to visit Grandma, Grandpa and the Olson's always includes a trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo! It was a gorgeous day! Later we picked up Grandma from work and went to Toy Story 3.

Water fun at the Olson's. Tyler had his hands full with the girls!

The Monroe Balloon Rally Night Light- Sadly the weather didn't cooperate for flights until very early Sunday morning. But we loved watching them at the fairgrounds!

This year the trip home included a few days stay at the Wilderness Resort in the Dells.

We learned how fearless Tyler can be when it comes to water slides. He was crazy! If only he'd grown just another inch..there was a few rides that will to wait till next year for this dare devil.

Sydney on the other hand was surprisingly less daring. She preferred hanging with mom in the kiddie pools and splashing on her own terms!

Family mini golf at Pirate's fun! We did 2 rounds of 18 holes! Then had dinner at Moose Jaw. Yum-o!

We came home and unloaded the van just less than an hour before a terrible storm came through. It rained hard and stopped 3 different times.. including hail. I've never seen so much water. Thankfully, our basement stayed dry! YAY!