Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning

 Nothing beats the excitement of Santa's arrival.  Even I was awake waiting! Surprisingly, Tyler didn't get up until almost 730.. and when he tried to wake his little sister..Sydney replied "Quiet..I am trying to rest!"  Hard to believe?  They each recieved a small note from Santa reminding them to leave out some cookies next year.  He even helped himself out to a Mountain Dew to get through the night! 

It was a holiday filled with cookies, hats, legos and Sportswear!  My kids are decked with apparel for UWS, Badgers, Monticello Ponies, Brewers and sadly yes the Vikings!  Chad and Tyler were busy with legos until it was time to start cooking dinner.  Chad made his great tettrazinni for lunch at mom and dad's.   While Sydney played with her new princesses!  I got to check out a new book for my camera and some lenses.  I'm always amazed at the how quickly the time goes by, the mess left behind and how quickly I'm ready for bed again!

Christmas Eve

After 5:00 Mass at Cathedral, we headed home to host Christmas Eve.  We had everyone over at our house!  It was a little cozy..but definitely fun!  We set up some tables in the basement for food.  Later we brought back the Dice Game.  Years ago we played it..and I thought it was time to return the tradition.  The always entertaining game is always surprising when it comes to stealing.  Of course, Uncle Bob's great outbursts are entertaining too!  After the Nelson's and Schwiekerts left..we exchanged some of our gifts since Libby had to work Christmas Day.  It was a great night.. the only thing missing was probably Auntie Linda and her gang!


Molly's Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Molly June!

More Fun in Madison

Saturday morning we took the kids to the new Children's Musuem in Madison.  They had a blast playing with so many things.  One of the favorites was the giant human hamster wheel.  Sydney was afraid to go by herself so Daddy went with.

 Before heading back to Mark & Dana's, Chad was insistent the kids needed to check out the Capital.   I think he had fun remembering childhood times hanging out there while Mom was at work! There was a great orchestra performing in the center.  Definitely, puts ya in the Christmas spirit.

Friedrich Christmas

The weekend before Christmas we took a road trip back down to Madison to celebrate Christmas and Molly's 3rd birthday!  The weather was nice..and I think it was the quickest trip down with only one stop for lunch! Amazing!  It's so nice now that Sydney doesn't cry till she throws up.  Of course, the new portable DVD player with 2 screens helped!  They watched Despicable Me a few times!
Mark and Dana were gracious hosts as always to let us stay with them.  Honestly, I can't get enough of my adorable nieces!  Saturday evening Grandpa Don even came over for Christmas presents!

 Sunday morning we went to Church with the Olson's to watch Molly's Christmas program.  She was Mary.  It was an adorable little program filled with great songs!  Afterwards before heading for home, it was Christmas with the Bablers at Kim & Bills house.  It's so much fun to see everyone!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

CD Calendars

Here's a stamping project we did in Madison at a Stampin Up Party. Mom and I did our own variation for some gifts using Stampin Up and Close to My Heart stamps.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Noah's Ark 2010 Christmas Program

Last night was Sydney's last daycare Christmas Program..and Mason's 1st. It's always such a blessing to take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle and it spend an evening with family, friends and beautiful children. It truly reminds us of we should take a moment to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Before the program starts, they show a video slide show of pictures of the children from the daycare over the year. It's so adorable to watch them as they grow! This year Sydney was Mary. Each child puts an ornmaemnt on the tree. Then of course they sing and some dance! You gotta love it!