Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sandlot Baseball

Finally Gametime!! Tyler missed his 1st game because it was the last night of swimming lessons. With Daddy out of town, I couldn't be at two places at the same time. I simply said nothing and took the kids to swimming. And Sydney did test out of her level..YAY! The next day he came from school abit disgruntled. "YOU forgot about my game" he said. "I did? and how do you know that?" I asked. "Carter came up to me on the playground and asked why I wasn't there!" He said. So I gave him my rational explanation about why we needed to finish swimming..blah blah blah.. And he just stared at me. I totally should have answered " Bummer I forgot!".

The following 2 games and 3 practices have been canceled thanks to Mother Nature and all of the rain we have had. So we were thrilled when the sun peeked out for a bit yesterday. More importantly no rain!

Team lining up in the dugout!

Swing batter batter! Swing!

It was a fun night to watch ball! You could tell they were a bit rusty without practices but we're crossing our fingers that the rain stays away on Tues, Wed and Fridays till the end of July!!!

Rainy Day Nerf Wars

Last Saturday, after too many rainy days.. The Friedrich/Coyle playdate turned into a pretty exciting game of Nerf Wars! Complete with sunglasses for eye protection.. There are now loads of missing bullets in every nook and cranny of my basement!

Using laundry baskets as shields, each team had a hidden lego man to protect or rescue

There was LOTS of serious shooting!

No one was safe! Including myself who braved to stairway in order to capture such fun pictures!