Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Time

The kids have been thrilled to have Daddy home for a few days. Games, pancakes (he makes the best!) and outside time at the rink. We are so lucky to be able to walk over a block to the hockey rink. I can even watch a bit from the upstairs window. Today I'll be honest..I drove down to watch. Sydney won't wear her skates..she prefers boot hockey. Tyler is determined to keep learning. He's made such an improvement from last year when he wouldn't even try to push a chair. He sat in the snow and cried. But not this year! He begs to go over to the ice and practice.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sydney's Solo

The Tiny Kix and Wee Petites performed during half time of the Senior High's Girls Basketball game. For unknown reasons, Sydney's class has dwindled down to 2 little ladies. Bella's last day was Tuesday, but she was going to perform tonight and next Monday.. Or so we thought. Bella make it tonight.. And I had one heck of a proud mommy moment.

As we lined up in the hall with the other dancers.. she got a little clingy. I thought maybe she won't do this. She even asked me to carry her.. which she never does. Her eyes looked glassy like she was about to cry. Leah and Ellen (from next door) came to watch. It was show time and off she bee-bopped behind Coach Sara. When the musics started, she danced her little heart out .. all by herself! I couldn't imagine today getting out there and dancing in front of that crowd in the gym tonight..but there she was. Her solo debut!~

To quote her big brother "you were wonderful!". Daddy sadly missed it by 20 minutes (he's been in Chicago for the week) But we'll be watching next weeks newspaper. Afterwards, the young man from the Telegram came over and asked me a few questions about my little star. He couldn't believe this little 3 year old! So cute! I apologize if I'm bragging too much.. just too darn excited. It seems like things in life can easily drag you down .Life is exhausting.. Then there's this moment tonight.. where with my glassy eyes, I wonder what the future holds for this little girl. To be so fearless. I hope she continues to dance!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mama's Mittens

Here's a peek at Mom's latest creation. She's soo talented! She's been very busy making these amazing mittens from old wool sweaters. The last pair are my favorite as it was made with one of my old sweaters. She's selling them for $25.

Snowman Snow

It finally snowed some snowman snow! We've been pretty spoiled with warmer weather lately. Unfortunately, that has meant quite a bit of rain for this time of the year. This morning gorgeous flurries filled the air! I had to head to work..but this is what I found when I came home.

Apparently, the snowman was a "village" work of art..with the entire neighborhood gang helping out. I'm sad I missed the fun!

Holiday Scrapbook

It's my favorite thing to do after packing up the tree and re-organizing the toy mess after the holidays. Scrapping the holiday photos and greeting cards into my album! I started a holiday album a few years ago and add the new photos every years. This year was hard to condense it down to 4 pages.. But very little paper or accessories are needed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kayden's 6th Birthday

Here's the card I made this afternoon for Kayden's birthday. My godson turned 6. I can hardly believe it! Since I wrapped his gifts in Spiderman wrapping paper, I was inspired to make a matching card! I cut the spider web with my Cricut Paper Doll Cartridge. Used a Spiderman sticker and stamped word with Stampin Up "On Your Birthday".

The holidays

I can't believe how quickly the holiday have come and gone. Here's a few pics from our family celebrations.