Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treats!!!

Spoiled with some nice weather, we hit the neighbor for some sugar!! While the big kids were disappointed, the little ladies were glad the haunted house wasn't scary this year! Every year they have loads of spooky music and decorations. For the past few years, a different child was frightened every year. Instead this year, Brianne and the boys decorated Mom and Dad's house pretty cool! Lots of lights and even a shaking shrub! We hit the usual route from our house, to Mom and Dads down Hammond and back! The sidewalk was packed! Poor Sydney said her bucket was just too heavy and it was time to head home! I let them pass out candy for a bit before turning out our light! Chad is out of town and missed out on the fun this year! But here's what everyone looked like!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Time for Pumpkins!

Since Daddy is heading out of town again this week, we took advantage of a rainy night and carved our pumpkins. Sadly the pumpkins we grew weren't quite big enough.. So they are decorating the front stairs and backyard! It was hard to believe that my main job is gutting out the pumpkin. I know the master of gagging! Sydney and Tyler were not going to touch the inside..just scoop with a spoon. Meanwhile Mom had goo up to her elbows! Then suddenly I couldn't resist..and I started tossing chunks on them.. yup I'm bad! But it was fun..and they were giggling! Finally, Tyler picked up a chunk.. I was so proud!

Sydney was very intent on drawing her pumpkin face on her pumpkin! So cute!

The kids drew their pumpkin faces on paper and Daddy carved them. He missed one of the teeth and Tyler replied "That's okay Dad! We'll just name him Evan!"

Tyler dared to touch the pumpkin guts!! I was so proud!

The finished products!!! BOO!!!


So unfortunately I had a terrible migraine Saturday..and I felt like my entire day was wasted. Finally, late Saturday night..I felt like I had some I began to tackle some cards off my list. I was pretty excited to find some time to play with one of my new Cricut cartridges BATMAN! I also made a few baby and halloween cards to send to my loves! The lighting didn't turn out the greatest but you get the idea.

Stay tuned for pictures later this week of "Momma's Middens!" She's been shrinking wool sweaters! Even I look and sweaters now people are wearing and wonder what kind of mittens they'd make!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

It was an unexpected surprise for Chad and I to have a weekend off together! We had a very busy Saturday starting off with hockey. Tyler has been doing a great job skating. Although, he didn't start with a chair, he favored one leg. Now he's using both legs, jumping over the blue line a little and starting to stop without falling!

After hockey we thought we'd take advantage of the nice weather and take the kids to Boo at the Zoo. I've always wanted to volunteer with the Target team but figured the kids had never been there and might not understand passing the candy out to other kids. So this was the perfect opportunity for them to check it out! They had a great time! It's disappointing that they don't have more animals there but they seemed to have a great turnout! I was amazed at how brave Tyler was petting a turtle and baby alligator. Sydney loved feeding the goats and llama.

After trick or treating at the zoo, we headed up to Spirit Mountain to check out the Alpine Coaster! There was a bit of a line but again with the nice weather, you can't complain. Tyler rode with Chad and I took Batman Girl! They wanted to keep their costumes on but I made them take them off. Anyways, Chicken Little I mean Sydney was not a big fan of the ride. Now I wouldn't have cruised down the hill very fast but Sydney freaked out and cried the minute I let off the brake. I think we came down the hill at 4 miles an hour! The poor people behind us!! It's surprising to see this side of such a bold and sassy little lady! I'd expect it more from Tyler!

Later that night, Chad and I were able to go out for dinner...alone! Then we went to see the movie Life as We Know It with Katherine Hiegel and Josh Dumahel. It was great!! Definitely the perfect ending to a great day! Now if only Monday will go by as quickly as this weekend did!

Here's few pictures from our trip to the zoo!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Play Hockey!!! or just skate

After a few weeks of skating, Tyler is loving ice time! He's had a few bumps and bruises to show off too! He's already showed some improvement.